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Hello everyone!

I wanted to talk to you all about Femininity. As an 80’s baby who grew up in the 90’s I went through a long phase of being a tom-boy. I remember being in 9th grade and starting a tend in school amongst the girls of wearing hockey jersey’s with our uniform pants and kilts. I did it because the jersey’s were warm but mostly cause I liked how it looked with my kilt. I had no idea it would catch on amongst the girls. That was the one fashion trend that the teachers didn’t write us up for. Then something started happening, I began to like how it looked with my kilt more than my pants and from there my spiral from tom-boy into feminine girly girl began.

Once I began to explore dresses and skirts I realized how powerful skirts and dresses are. There is power in the skirt because there is power in your femininity. In the workplace, men wear pants, and get to use their masculine energy to get the job done. Whether it be leading a department, accounting for the money, being a salesman or whatever their job title is. The number 1 mistaken notion that I see alot of women make in the workforce is thinking they can match the masculine energy of a man in order to establish their credibility and sustainability in the workplace. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work because I have seen it  work for some however I’ve also seen that the women who have the most power in the office are the ones who are the most feminine.

Feminine tip of the day:

It’s ok to be angry about something but it’s how you react to what angers you is what people use to judge you the most. If your anger causes you to act aggressively, shout, yell and swear, it will be remembered more than what you were angered about. If it angers you, that’s ok but be careful how you let that show. Does it show all over your face? Do you act aggressively? How do you show your anger?

Talk to you all soon!