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Hello all,

I decided to do my laundry today. I figured it would be ok since its sunday and I should get in and out fairly quickly. Well I was wrong. I made my way down only to find a young girl putting clothes in the only 2 washers left. I thought about going back upstairs but remembered how much clothes I had and decided against it. So I asked her if the other machines were hers and she replied yes. I stood there and studied her for a moment and contemplated my next move.

Lately, I have been praying for wisdom and discernment so I can make the right decisions that will benefit me in both the short and long term. I was inspired after reading an excerpt from the bible where God visited Solomon and asked him what he desires. After thinking Solomon requested wisdom. God was so impressed by this request that he promised to grant him such wisdom that no other man on earth would ever be granted again. And so it was that Solomon went on to lead a life with astounding wisdom that marveled all around him. It got me thinking that I wanted this wisdom too, just shy of what God gave him of course since he already said he would not grant such a level of wisdom again.

So I found myself drifting to the pages of Proverbs. When I was younger I used to read it and apply what I learned and I would avoid sticky situations that many of my peers fell into. Once I got past university (not that long ago) I abandoned those teachings in favor of freedom to do as I pleased. That was the beginning of many bad decisions and circumstances that came my way. Keeping that in mind I’ve begun reading proverbs again and taking it in and applying it to my day to day life. Its amazing, ask in Jesus name and you shall receive is very true. Why am I saying this?

As I observed her I took note of her body language, her disposition, her dress and her attitude and concluded that I would take out my accounting book and wait till she was done. I’m normally quite impatient and inside I felt like going back upstairs and coming back later but if I did someone else might come and take my place. She eventually left telling me she had more clothes to bring down but would give me 2 machines once hers were done in 20 mins. Over 30 mins past and she hadn’t come down as yet. I sat and the thought to take her clothes out crossed my mind several times but I stayed in my seat and continued reading. She seemed young, full of attitude and probably busy upstairs with a child.

When she came down she proved me right because there along with 3 other bags of clothes was a young child just over a year on his tricycle. An Asian man had come down earlier and took some clothes out freeing up 2 other machines which I quickly took. I just needed 1 more and she idled, yelled at her son repeatedly, took her time cleaning out 2 empty dryers (she wiped them clean), yelled at her son some more and finally took her clothes out one of her machines then turned to tell me I could have it. Again I am impatient and it was really hard to wait while she idled and her son screamed at the top of his lungs in a language only he could understand. Every time I decided to say something, a still voice in my heart would say no.

The same scenario played out when it came time for a dryer. I waited and waited then politely asked her if she was using the 2nd dryer. She looked at me pleasantly and said I could have it while her son ran over and asked me, “Yo, is dis u laundry?”. I looked at him and said yes and he smiled running off only to come back to repeat the same question to which I answered him again. Finally they left but not before her son pushed my laundry basket away (he’s a child after all). I didn’t even look up from my book to acknowledge it.

I can see that scenario getting ugly had I gone with my impatience. I could tell by how she yelled at her son repeatedly, stomped around and lamented at how misbehaved he was that it would have turned into a bad situation if she felt like I touched her property. Its worth noting that when she initially came down she looked at me and my basket then opened the washers and examined the clothes inside making sure they were hers and not mine.

God is good.

Talk to you all later!