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Hi everyone!

I’ve gotten to explore a lot of new things  recently. I finally have the VIP digital cable package from ROGERS so I get more channels for my money. It’s great. I am really appreciating COSMO tv, TWIST tv etc. Great channels and great variety with all the other new channels that I have.


I;m also loving the fact that I have my laptop back. I downloaded a virus by accident and I had to send my laptop away to be cleaned aka wiped. Everything was gone and reset including my internet connections. I couldn’t connect to my wifi for weeks which really sucked and limited my mobility around my apartment. It’s hard to be tethered to your router by a little green ethernet cable. So today I called my router provider and the nice man on the other end walked me through fixing my connections. It was literally 1 checked box that was keeping my from untethered mobility. If I could have reached through the phone and hugged him I would have.

I’m so happy now. Not only can I watch great TV but I can do so and still create my posts on my laptop from anywhere! You ever notice how just a few small changes can make a huge difference in your space. I hate clutter but I don’t have much space so I decided to do so re-arranging, throwing out and downsizing. And Voila! More space, less clutter and a room that makes more sense!

Here’s to free space, free roaming on my laptop and a productive day!

Cheers everyone 🙂