So I’m at a fête with a bunch of older people.  I swear I saw my grandpa on the dance floor and maybe even my dad . I can’t lie. I think I’m the youngest person here. Interesting note in my tipsy state (surprised I’m even able to type right now).  The dj put on funk master flex remix where asks all the single ladies to scream.  I yelled out “Fuck you” as all the single ladies screamed in delight.  I’m still hurt. Can you tell? No surprise there. I’m just here at this fête trying to drown my sorrows in a free bottle of ciroc wine courtesy of the men who came with us tonight.  He called today and I answered. Big mistake. After all my hard work ignoring his ass i had to go and answer. He Told me he still loves me.  So I came inside the club and cried on the dance floor to my friend as she told me I’ll be fine. What a night. I’m trying ya’ll like for real.  I hate him. I’m so tipsy and they keep playing love songs. So I sit here watching everyone dance while I type away on my phone. Hopefully the dj will play some of that ratchet music I like so I can twerk my sorrows away. Hopefully.