It’s interesting how a “we shouldn’t be together” turns into a “we are on a break”. Yea well Fuck that! There is no “break”! We are done! I can’t with this disrespectful and rude  immature man child. I’m hurt and I can’t lie I’m maf as fuck. I found it surprising that he was calling down my phone yesterday then texts me goodnight at 5:26am this morning. Why are you texting me? What do you want?  He went and found a place with the older woman he used to date because she’s working and has good credit. I have good credit but I’m not working so I am of no USE to him. So why should I care and why are you calling to tell me like we are cool? We aren’t.  We can’t be friends… ever! And no I will not ease his guilty feelings by being cool with him after he said all that bullshit. I’m  angry and the thought of a relationship makes me angry. I’m not mad at other couples though I don’t stare and wish I was them anymore. In fact, the way I feel when I think of a relationship with anyone makes me feel…aversion. The very thought seems repulsive to me. Right now I just want to disappear and be by myself for a while. I literally can’t deal with anyone right now. I just want to be by myself right now.