Saturday the boyfriend bought me a watch. Just out of the blue. I was surprised. Wondering why I was being gifted with this present. The week before was my birthday and he got me something for that so this seemed…out of the blue. I wondered why I was being gifted like that. Was he guilty of something? I know that seems out of the blue but I couldn’t help wondering. Why the sudden gift? He never did that before.

Saturday I net to a comedy show with 2 of my friends. For the most part the comedians sucked. Of the 7 or 8 (I lost count) only 3 were funny. The host was hilarious and I wished he was doing a set instead of some of the comedians who came on stage. Afterwards we went to Sugar Daddies. I hated it. It was packed I was majorly dressed down. They played dancehall for most of the night and it just felt like a grimy little spot. I won’t be going back. Then the boyfriend went MIA. His phone was off.

In fact, his phone has been off majority of the day. I texted no response. I didn’t hear from him till almost 8 pm telling me he turns his phone off because he has been doing some thinking about how he needs to get his shit together and he is chilling by himself but he wanted me to know that’s what he was doing. WTF?

I like consistency. We all have our shit but I don’t like inconsistency at all. WTF does this mean? I HATE when people disappear. Like I really hate it. Why can’t he be consistent for the most part? What the fuck does it mean? I don’t want to stress over it in the least. I’ve been really positive and I don’t want to feel negative about anything or entertain negative thoughts. It bothers me though. We didn’t have a fight. It can’t be because of me. I don’t know.