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Last night I had a few weird dreams.

Weird dreams breakdown:

It was night time where I was at a outdoor bizarre type fair with lots of people. Some of the people there were friends but no one I recognize in real life and each were looking at me funny as if I did something. It was a bit chaotic because some people were arguing with each other so I decided to stand off by a wall to assess the situation and find a way to remove myself from them. Everyone was so tense even though there was music playing and some people were actually dancing and having fun. My mother was there and decided to pick a useless fight with me that I refused to engage in. I walked away from her quickly in fact I ran as she got angry ad started to yell. When she saw that I was walking away she tried to follow but soon stopped and waved me off and ran back to where she was. Weird.  Well, as the day went on these images kinda faded away; details becoming less and less memorable except for the last part of my dream which stuck with me throughout the day and that’s what I decided to google.

The memorable dream:

I dreamnt of a white rabbit and eventually a white path we came to stop at (as a continuation of the chaotic atmosphere I was previously describing) night on a dark street. It hopped in front me of wearing a little blue vest (I swear it wasn’t a cartoon rabbit it was a real bunny) and looked at me. I remember wanting to leave that area and just as I thought it there he appeared near an entrance that I didn’t see. He came up to me looking at me for a half a second then he turned and hopped and looked back at me. Curious at this little rabbit in a blue vest I stepped towards him. Every few steps he would look back at me as if he was telling me to follow him. So I decided to follow. I walked, he hopped, half a step later he’d look back. Finally we came to the beginning of the path and he paused and looked at me for a few seconds. I could see the path was leading to a brightly lit hilly area away from the chaotic street and bizzare fair that I was at. He continued to look at me. Then I woke up.

According to Google:

To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity.

White rabbits are generally considered good luck symbol

  • Bunny or rabbit that is seen in the dreams might also symbolize attraction for someone or fidelity;
    • Rabbit – the fulfillment of desires;
    • If the rabbit is white – will receive the inheritance.
      • If the rabbit is white it symbolizes success;
        • To dream of white rabbits – promising faithfulness in love;
          • If the dreamer sees a rabbit it represents happy future in everyday conditions. You are going to be successful with your business and the income of it will be lucrative as never before;
          • To dream of white rabbit – faithfulness and honesty in marriage or serious relationship;
            • The rabbit represents a happy turning point especially in everyday circumstances. The dream shows that anything you will deal with, will bring the great results;
            • To see pure white rabbit foretells about faithfully love to someone;

White rabbit in dream: joy, true love, whether married or single; Also: you will experience pleasant events very soon;

Hmmm…Interesting indeed. I think these dreams are trying to paint a bigger picture of something. What do you think?