I had the most weirdest dream. Lately I have been having a lot of dreams about staying in hotels or being led by someone to stay in a hotel. One night I had a dream that I was meeting a friend and I ended up on my old campus and the friend kept directing me to this residence building that looked like a hotel. He insisted by telling me I should stay here it will be a good thing. The more I resisted and tried to go the other way the more the paths seemed to lead back to the hotel. Freaked out I filed it away under “weird” and chalked it up to boyfriend and family stress. December was a stressful month.

Last night I had another hotel dream and I decided it was time to start googling what it means because of how often I’ve had them. Here is my dream.

I am walking through a very oppulant hotel. The rooms are gorgeous. Some are Victorian others are a little more contemporary. I tall Caucasian man is leading me room to room and showing me all of the little decadences each has to offer. I am impressed but I still don’t know which one to stay in. Sure each are nice but none catch my particular fancy. That is, until we get to one particular room. There a tall man is lying across a chez looking out of a beautiful floor to ceiling window at the ocean. he turns and says to me that the this is the best room. I immediately turn to the man showing me the room and tell him I’m taking this one. The other gentleman gets up (drink in hand) and walks out the room smiling and knodding his approval and I lie in front of the window on the chez and immediately this sense of peace and comfort comes over me as I stare out at the ocean. It looked so serene and calm. Just beautiful. There was a view of some mountains and the sky was a pretty shade of blueish grey. The man showing me the room insisted to show me another. I refused but he won out and he brought me to a Victorian. I didn’t like it and I told him that I wanted the other room. He said he will see what he can do so I can have it. Then I woke up.

Google Interpretation

1. To dream of seeing a fine hotel, indicates wealth and travel.


To see an ocean in your dream represents the state of your emotions and feelings. It is indicative of spiritual refreshment, tranquility and renewal. Alternatively, the dream means that you are feeling empowered and unhindered.  You have a positive outlook in life and are not limited by anything. If you are sailing across the ocean, then it signifies new found freedom and independence. You are showing great courage. If the ocean is rough, then the dream represents some emotional turmoil. You are doing your best to handle life’s ups and downs.

To dream that you are kissing the ocean floor implies that  you are coming to terms with your emotions.

3. To dream of the ocean when it is calm is propitious. The sailor will have a pleasant and profitable voyage. The business man will enjoy a season of remuneration, and the young man will revel in his sweetheart’s charms.

4. To dream of ocean means your connection to birth, or those around you or the life around you. The ocean symbolizes freedom. If there is fear in your dream regarding the ocean it is our disconnection from the whole. To understand the meaning of a dream sigil we must understand the poetic nature behind each word. Every river runs into the ocean and when the light hits the waters life is born. Blue and yellow make green. To understand the nature of a dream we must understand the very nature of the dream like existence of the waking world as well. The waves of an ocean can symbolize a great coming change. It is good to flow with it and not to fight the wave or it may drown you. If you dream of the ocean you should visit it as soon as you can after you dream to communicate back to the dream mind.

Hmmm I wonder what this all means. So far it sounds good. Stay tuned for my next dream post. Any thoughts on what this could all mean?