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So yesterday was my birthday! *Cue 2 Chainz song and throw glitter in the air*

Yesterday was pretty amazing! I went to work, my friends organized cooking me a birthday dinner and since my aunt and I share a birthday we went to dinner and a movie with my fam. I ate a lot. Then I went to my boyfriends house where he surprised me with 2 solid cherry wood jewelry cases. Now for those who don’t know I am OBSESSED with DIY videos. Sometimes I think he tunes me out when I tell him random things that he’s not that interested in. I guess not this time. I remember going on and on about making my own jewelry stand so I could see what I have when I’m ready to accessorize my outfits. I just needed a table to put them on. He also got me a bottle of Chardonnay that he insisted I drink. I did. By the time we were ready to go to the movies he had to drive. We got to Walmart so he could look at some space heaters and that’s when the alcohol hit me. Thankfully he drove there and back. It was nice spending time with him. I liked it. We haven’t gone out in a long time and when we did we had fun.

What a great day! So I’ve decided this is my birthday month.


Many funny tipsy moments that night including nearly falling down the stairs t the theatre when I went to go pee then back at the house finding myself once again stumbling down a hallway to the bathroom (I got there and was proud of myself for getting on the toilet safely) only to have my boyfriend open the door to say God knows what. I honestly don’t remember because I ended up interrupting him to ask, ” damn baby, can I just use the toilet by myself? Like really? Can it wait? What do you need?” He laughed then asked me a question that I know I answered but I don’t remember what I said. LOL 2nd time in 2 days 🙂 This year is starting off great!!!!!

e3fd6f6c3b77b35138cc7c744161e846_large(this is exactly how we looked-I’m on the left by the way) I’m glad I I took today off because it’s -22 outside and in the iconic words of Sweet Brown, “aint nobody got time for that!”. I stayed in bed with my man cuddled, napped and generally annoyed him because my phone alarm went off (I forgot to turn it off- I was tipsy!) and  I was wide awake at 8:30 am when he wanted nothing more than to fall back asleep. He didn’t work today either. To my credit I tried to be quiet and not disturb him. Especially  when I went to he bathroom but he rightly pointed (both eyes closed by the way) out that the more I tried to be quiet, the more noise I made. He was right. I must’ve knocked over 5 things trying to quietly leave the room. Interestingly enough I didn’t knock anything over when I was tipsy just a few short hours earlier. LOL I’m just saying…LOL