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What di ass!!??!!! SO my friend and I got this really bright idea to go skating today outside! It was so cold. Thats an understatement. It was stupid cold. Like stupid cold! Downtown near the lake skating on an outdoor rink??? I must have still had alcohol in my sytsem to agree to this. Like for real?053-460x325 Who does that? US!!!!!!

The day started out ok. I met up with them at their house and we ate and talked…about me. I wasn’t comfortable with that too much but they are my friends and they care. I get it. Anyway, after putting on an extra layer of clothing we piled into my friends car and drove downtown parked and made our way to the rink.


3099158683_78e2ebaacb_oLord have mercy! Just to get the skates on required us to take our gloves off and remove our warm shoes. I thought that alone was going to cause me to freeze something clean off! It was that cold. Eventually, we get onto the ice and started to have fun. My friend kept falling. We laughed while I secretly prayed not to be next. God was listening and I made it off the ice on my own two skated feet. My toes were so frozen I could barely walk. After a brief Timmy’s run we got into the car and went to a Korean restaurant. The food was YUCK! I ended up getting into an argument with my friend about my family. I was so pissed off. After paying the bill we left, drove back to their place and made plans for my birthday tomorrow.

I don’t want to fight with her. I’m willing to let it go. Tomorrow is a new day…MY DAY!!!! I’m so glad to be home…where it’s warm!