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Happy New year guys!! I spent new years eve damn near tipsy out of my mind! A friend of mine came up with a great idea. She decided against dressing up in heels to stand in the cold and freeze our vagina’s off in a short dress, pay twice as much to get into the same club we could get into for half that this weekend in favor of holding a house party at her boyfriends house for NYE. I was so down! My other friends wanted to dress up, freeze and pay double. I convinced them of the value in partying in a warm home, no heels, listening to music and drinking. They agreed. I think about 30+ people showed up. I came with 8 people and met 5 more there that I knew beforehand so you can imagine how packed it was. Anyway, I was feeling kinda sad because the boyfriend wasn’t there. He opted to go downtown with his friends to a bar instead. Great choice considering he ended up punching a guy in the face  who as a little too friendly with his “happy new years” wishes and then nearly punched another  who followed him to the bathroom. The bouncer stepped in and saved that other guy.  Good thing considering my boyfriends hands are BIG so I can’t imagine how that punch would feel. He’s lucky they didn’t call the police on him.

So there I was looking cute and breaking all the rules by wearing white way after labour day. I knew I wouldn’t get it dirty because I was careful and well looking cute so what could go wrong right? Yea well that was before my friend Aaliyah asked to mix me a drink while pouring it at the same time. See, she brought Jamaican rum Wray and Nephew and poured about 90% in the glass when I wasn’t looking then added about 5% sprite and 5% ice. I took two sips and that shit went straight to my head so fast I started to giggle. Bad sign! I thought I could act normal like nothing was wrong but this trick was staring me right in the face like, “I see your on your way to getting fucked up” as she smiled and asked if I wanted to drink some more. I declined. Heifer! I opted instead to eat some food so I could soak up some alcohol. I was hungry and I needed to drive home eventually so I figured why not. Well that idea ended up on the floor when I spilled it all over my white pants! Did I mention it was chicken wings and salad? Yea…that!!


To my credit I did a really good job going to the bathroom by myself so I could use some soap and water to get it out before it set in and stained. For all my hard work (I think…) I ended up getting 95% out. I got  a hand clap afterwards from Aaliyah, her boo thang and the rest of my friends even though they were laughing while they clapped for me. Heiffers! After sobering up and gracefully dodging two guys who thought it was a great time to hug and caress the tipsy girl (that would be me), an hour later we decided to go to an after hours party. We got there, paid $10 to get in and I stood there listening to dancehall music wondering what on earth I was doing there. It looked so….ghetto. I was ready to go and after about 20 minutes I hugged my friends and went home crawled into bed at 4 am and slept.

I woke up with NO HANGOVER!! Yes!!!!!! So why am I still sad? NO text from the boyfriend. Sensitive? Maybe. Still sad though. 30 minutes after putting my hone face down on my bed I got a text saying Happy New Year. What to do with the rest of my day? Skating anyone?