So lately my lunch ritual has consisted off eating quickly in my car then jetting off to Starbucks on my lunch to bum their free wifi. I log on so I can shamelessly promote my business on all social media without anyone looking over my shoulder wondering why I’m not working on my FT job description. I could care less about that these days. I mean I care enough to still desire employment but not enough that this is my life amen. Nope. The Diana Tracy Collection is my focus (btw visit us at and every chance I get I am sneaking in a moment to tweet (Tim Hortons run), upload a vid to Youtube (thanks Starbucks!) or shamelessly promote my OOTD’s on Facebook. Let’s not forget pinterest as well. I need to remember them. So this is my not so open letter to Starbucks saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR WIFI! I’m off to promote again. Just thought I’d check in to say that. I’ve got some exciting new ideas and a new service that I am rolling out.

Chat again soon!