Hey everyone

last post about my personal life was left on a break up note. Well, interestingly enough I have a INTERESTING update. A week after we broke up he calls me and we start talking. He tells me he’s been doing a lot of thinking about what happened and he believes I deserve better than what he was giving me and he is working on being better so he can give me better. He told me the Sunday prior he wanted to speak with me to work it out but I didn’t give him a chance to tell me and he is right about that. I had decided I was done so I told him don’t call or talk to me again. Over the course of the week he’s shown me a different side. A remorseful side. His arrogance is gone and he is showing vulnerability to an extent that I have never seen before. That I didn’t know existed inside him or think that he would ever show me. He hugged me and too dmd how much he missed me. How much he is sorry about what happened and how much he doesn’t want to be apart from me. All sounds like talk no? I don’t know. I guess time will tell. My feelings are still hurt. I won’t lie about that at all. He told me some other things that I won’t share here. Confession is good. Things that happened when we were broken up for a week when he didn’t think we would get back together.

Love is an action word. I deserve better. I thought about that when I was driving home from the salon. I just cut my hair again into a graduated bob. I really like it. He and my mom suggested it. I didn’t do it for them. I did it because I was tired of wearing the long extensions all the time. I wanted a change. My hair is now light brown, blond and black. I really like it a lot. Let’s see if he can do better. So far he is different. So far. We will see.  I know my friends are not his fan and my brother really dislikes him ALOT. But thats them being protective of me because of what happened with my ex. I spoke to my cousin and he told me his reasons for being protective. He was quiet before but this time is not interested in being silent. My hairdresser gave me an interesting perspective. Let’s see.

Tell me what you think. I know I haven’t posted consistently. I’m trying to change that. I find balancing my business, personal life and blogging is really tough plus I have a full time job.

Talk soon guys!