Hey guys. I have been sick with the flu since Saturday. Chills, vomiting, extreme fever (my skin started to peel), congestion, runny nose and sore throat. I missed work for two days but I haven’t forgotten about my promised blog post.

The Writer

I met the writer and we exchanged numbers back in April of 2011 when I was in the throws my post break up. I was guarded, angry, bitter, sad and hurt but most of all I wasn’t interested in starting a relationship with anyone. Apprentley he was interested in me and kept throwing hints for months onward but I never caught them. My head just wasn’t there and I told him about my relationship that ended badly and what I was going through but I guess that didn’t register with him. He moved onto a crazy ex girlfriend and I moved on to date a very handsome ex football player that I subsequently left because I didn’t think he was giving me the attention and respect I deserved.

The writer became my mentor and over dinner one night he told me that he liked me from the year before and I confessed that I liked him now. We started dating but he told me since he was writing a new book there was a real possibility that he would be leaving the country around April 2013. We continued to date. We never argued, fussed or faught about anything. I think because we were friends first we had that foundation established. In February of this year he confirmed that he had to leave but we continued to see each other. I think looking back on it I can say this is the part where I should have walked away but I figured there was nothing I could do about him leaving so we would just enjoy each other’s time till he had to go. Everything continued along just fine till he broke his finger in March. I sat in the emergency room with him while he got it reset and wrapped and that’s when everything went far south.

His finger being broken hindered him from finishing up his final drafts to make his April 1st deadline. He fell into an extreme depression and distanced himself from everything including me. We had a candid talk at my house the weekend of his deadline and he told me he is scared for his future because this is all he had; that there was no plan B for him and if it failed he had no idea what he was going to do. I empathized and tried to encourage him as much as I could. I believed in him and I wanted him to succeed. Well, I guess he didn’t make his deadline to the satisfaction of his distribution company because without warning he not only cut me off but distanced himself from everything. Suddenly I went from talking to him everyday to maybe getting a hold of him during the week. He started to return calls days later and when I asked him what was happening with the book I didn’t get an answer. Just left with my own conclusions.

Explanation 1:

It was all a lie and there was no distribution company to begin with

Explanation 2:

He was dropped by the distribution company and told to market and distribute the copies he has on his own

Explanation 3:

He never wanted a relationship and used his possibility to go away as a guranteed out.

It really hurt my feelings. He told me this was the best relationship he was in. He told me that if he didn’t have to leave that we would be officially together but he doesn’t do long distance relationships. This one really hurt because we were friends first, he knew my situation with the ex and he positioned himself as a relationship expert of some sorts and I use those words loosly. The way that he handled everything with me makes me wonder if someone called into his show or wrote into his blog and presented the same scenario what would he tell them and what steps he would recommend to them.

I’m not sure. I let it hurt my feelings then I let it go. I unfriended him on Facebook, disconnected him off google plus and all other social media. I didn’t do it to be petty. In fact I kept connected to him well into August of this year. I did it because he’s ignored me since April as if I don’t exist and I didn’t want to be petty and disconnect yet I keep getting his updates on his new blog posts, his opinions on relationships or current events. Even pics of who he is now dating. Talk about brushed aside as if I did something bad to him to deserve being treated like this. I want nothing to do with him.

I did an event and he was there. He saw me and pretended not to see me which created an ackward situation for him and not me. I found it amusing. Somewhere between his arrival and the event ending he mustered enough courage to come over and say hi. I said hi back and continued to take my table down and pack my stuff away. He offered to help me to the car and I agreed. The girl he came with, probably confused about why he and the bartenders were so consumed with helping me followed me to the bathroom when I returned to the venue to change into something casual (I was going to a birthday bowling event afterwards). She made it a point of duty to come to the back mirror to “fix” her make up. I’ve yet to see her take out a tube of lipstick, or a brush for her hair. She merely ran her fingers through her hair and eyed me. I smiled at her and continued dancing to the music the DJ was playing while applying my lipstick. Pretty girl. Shame is is so insecure.

So thats my writer’s story. I will never date a writer again. I think I am done. I don’t respect this writer, his opinions or his body of work. He had an event on Saturday that I didn’t attend. I wasn’t feeling well anyway but regardless I was about to go out to Nuit Blanche with friends.

So there you all have it.

Talk soon guys!