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Hey everyone!
Its a rainy Monday afternoon here in Toronto! I’m not  feeling this Monday  at all. I’m.normally a happier person than this but today not so much. I know why. I feli like I don’t have enough time to do the things I want to do and still have time  for myself. Like Sunday was a big blur. I hate that.

And guess what? I have a crush again. Ugh! This time I like two guys at once – both are friends of mine. One I’ll call “sophisticated sexy” the other “pretty boy sexy”. Both around the same age. I find relationships complicated right now. I wish I didn’t like anybody. I hate the uncertainty. I think saying last year was easier when my goal was to move on and prove I’m good now past break up.

Now that I am good earring its now complicated…or maybe I’m making it that way. I need time…how do I reconcile what I want with what I have to do?

I think I need to step back and focus.