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I’m siting here watching the “USA 2012 Election” on television and I am on pins and needles.

I’m Canadian and I know I can’t vote but I wish I could cast my ballot because I am terrified of who is going to win. I’m not going to reveal who my vote would be for but I am watching this keenly like all of America and most of Canada right now. Yes it’s true, Canada is watching; we are watching this as much as we did when we had our own Federal election. The winner of this US election will affects us a lot so we have a very good reason to watch and see who the winner will be. Twitter is all a buzz right now and my tummy is doing back flips watching my American friends cast their opinions.

My plea to all my American friends who are not sure if they should vote, please go out, stay in line, exercise your right to vote! Do it, your country’s future depends on it.

Good luck America…and God help us all with the election results.