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I can’t believe its been 3 days since I posted. I’ve been so busy with the site, Twitter and Facebook that I didn’t realize its been so long. In any case I am back.

Lately, I haven’t been feeling my usual happy self. I’m feeling down about a few things mainly relationships and my friendships. I feel down about being single (again…) and now I feel down about friendships too. I have a small circle of friends and for a while that worked but its not working anymore. I get frustrated because they are always unreachable. At first it was every once in a while now its constant. I am tired of the cycle. I call they don’t answer, I text and there is rarely ever a reply. Yet, if they want me to go out with them somewhere they can find me I and go.

That’s insane right? It dawned on me 2 weeks ago that this cycle has to stop. I either gotta love my own company enough to cut them all off and NOT answer my phone when they call or find new friends. At this point it looks like I am going to have to go with both. It hurts. I guess this is just another facet of feeling alone. Lately I have been really feeling alone and I’m tired of being sad. I’m just going to concentrate on what I can change…I feel like I am going through this weird time period with no manual and right now… once very dependable people from my close circle are MIA.