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Hey everyone.

Im on my lunch and I was super happy to turn the car on and hear Miguels Adorn song come over the airwaves. I sang along and took in the words. I love how he expresses his love and adoration for his woman. Its beautiful. As I imagines those words for someone I’d love the sobering reminder that there is no one like that washed over my consciousness slowly and sank in as the realization that the guy I’d like to feel that way about me is no where to be found.

I slumped back in my seat and began to feel sad. When you keep telling yourself one day  and you don’t see that one day arrive yet it cm be a bit depressing. One day…one day…one day…

Well, one day when? I don’t have the answer to that. I think I’m a great girl I just haven’t come across him yet. I Winslow, sometimes when I see couples it makes me wish I had someone. On the best days I can brush it off. On my worst, I feel sad and down. It’s a process I guess…to be honest that was a guess too because I don’t know. Im just trying to make myself feel better about something I don’t feel so good about.