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I had a trying day. It started off well enough then started a slow descent down the hill at around 10:30 am when a customer decided to use me to project their anger off of because I was enforcing the company policy that this customer was well  aware of from the beginning. I spent the whole day talking off and on with this customer each time the customer growing more and more frustrated with me, feigning misunderstanding, getting angry most often then not and providing an umpteen amount of excuses for why this was unfair.

I had to meet the organizer for the Battle of The Sexes Toronto Event on Nov 4th and this customer and thier drama was making me late. I finally get to leave, I get to my car and the battery is dead! Can it get any better? I start laughing but my laugh is not real. Its the laugh before I scream and throw myself on the ground rolling lol. I’m kidding but I definetly wanted to scream.

After finally getting the car battery going thanks to a boost from a co worker and meeting with the organizer of the event I grabbed some food and headed to singing practice. I got there late, but the lead pastor seemed to be having a bad day or a bad moment and he wasn’t very empathetic telling me to “do better next time” and it actually offended me a little bit because it was the last thing I needed after the bad day I had.

I stayed till 9:30pm. At that point he also got upset at the rest of the choir. I wasn’t offended because I had already withdrew a bit into myself and I was concentrating on getting home so I could finally relax. Now that I’m home I just want to sleep. All the plans I had for home is now pushed back to tomorrow.

The good thing is, my meeting with the event organizer was really great, She had asked for a custom piece but her wrists are small. She ended up picking a piece that I haven’t debuted yet. Not only that but I am going to make her a custom necklace to go along with it. I am super excited.

I’ll concentrate on that as I get ready for bed!

Goodnight everyone!