I had a very interesting conversation Saturday. Friday night I went out with some friends to sing at a church function. It was fun, because one of the lead singers also invited was Jamaican and decided to bring a little dancehall into the closing song. Us being a bit silly or delirious  whichever you want to call it(it was hot in that small sanctuary) began to do a little rasta man dance and jump up on their poor little stage. Needless to say, it came crashing down (it was only a foot off the ground) Literally. We laughed pretty hard about it and no one said anything to us about it afterwards (mainly because we were not the only ones jumping and praising the Lord) so we were good.

At that point it was 11 pm and since we were all the way in Brampton we decided to grab something to eat together and call it a night. All 8 of us jumped in our cars and headed down to Perkins Diner for some breakfast just off the airport strip. Can you imagine? We get in there and we are still talking and laughing at what happened earlier. The poor night manager looked at us like, “here we go again, another rowdy Friday night crowd on the airport strip”. We smiled at Chris (that was the name on his tag), waved hello than followed him to our table. Our poor server had a hard time keeping all our orders straigh. After getting our food it was of laughter, jokes, great discussions and bonding. I didn’t get home till 2 am and that’s from a church function. LOL I loved it!

So I wake up at 11:30 am tired and late to get ready for my 1 pm eyebrow appointment. To make it worse G98.7 starts playing Soca and that makes me even more late because you know I have to get up and shake my tail like no one is watching. Eventually shake it all the way to my car then dance in the car down to my appointment. After I got my eyebrows done me and the girl start talking for a bit when my phone rang. I look over and see that it was a church breathren I know. Sigh. He talks a lot…and I do mean A LOT so I let it go to voicemail. After I left I gave him a ring to find why he called and after briefly discussing a necklace he wants custom designed he moved onto asking how I was doing. Looking back on it now I can see this was his real purpose for calling.

Are you ok now after your bad break up last year? Yes.

What kind of guys do you like? Umm…

Is race an issue? Well…No.

Is there any guy amongst your friends and associates that you would date? Umm…I haven’t given it any thought actually…

or find attractive? Umm…not really.

You know, the bible says we shouldn’t be unequally yoked. A relationship with a Christian is better than one with a non Chirstian. You agree with that right? *silence*  Umm…ok

I could plainly see where he was beginning to go with this. Finally 35 minutes after he started “asking how I was doing” he confessed that he’s attracted to me and wants to know if I find him attractive too. I felt put on the spot to say something I had no intentions of saying not because it wasn’t true but because I didn’t want to open a door that I had no intentions of walking through. Is he attractive? He’s a good-looking guy that anyone could see but I don’t see him as anything but a church brethren and I didn’t like being put on the spot to admit that to him. I felt pushed to say something that was in his best interest and served to provide support for his next point. I fet like I was on trial and the prosecuter was getting ready to come in for the kill. For the rest of the conversation I listened, and grew increasingly uncomfortable and put on the spot the more he went on. Its not like I could have gotten a word in if I wanted to anyways.

Next, he confirms that he had planned this all out from the beginning when he admited to praying for wisdom on how to say it to me. Thats fine. I am not going to tell you what to pray about and I commend him for the courage it takes to say this but I think he should have waited on God to share a bit more wisdom in his on when and if he should approach me.  But that wasn’t the zinger. That came when he disclosed that he was  praying to find out if I was the one for him and his insistance that I do the same and take it one step further and not only ask God if he is supposed to be a boyfriend to me but also ask him to develop those feelings in me if he is. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so shocked that I  decided to focus on safely driving up the highway and less than on the conversation happening in my earpiece from this church breathren while I tried to figure out if this was really happening. 

I don’t like people using the God card on me. Thats manipulative. God told me this and God told me that. Did God tell you not to tell me either?  Because I believe He knows me better than I know myself. So He would know how I feel about you and that you should either not say it or approach it way differently then you initiatlly planned! Now to be fair he didn’t say God told him to talk to me, but i think he should have waited for the answer first before saying anything to me. 

I couldn’t wait to get off the phone with him. Looks aren’t everything. The guy I met prior I thought was ok looking. I liked his personality. This guy is good-looking but I don’t like his abrasive, pushy and at times borderline arrogant personality. I find him preachy, and a bit condescending. But he did succeed in one thing because 2 days later I’m still shaking my head at him.


I have to meet with him this week to go over the design and “hang out”. Smart move on his part to have me agree to that before he got to his real agenda. I’ll be sure to update you guys on how that turns out!

Talk to you soon!