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Back at the ending of June I sat in my car at work talking to a pushy phone rep trying to convince me that upgrading to the now outdated HTC model of phone was the best choice for me. I listened while staring at my nails contemplating if I should go get a manicure after work or head over right now. I already knew my answer was no. I’d gone ahead and checked out the HTC phone he was talking about but my gut was against it so I decided to wait it out. I could understand his urgency. I was less than 2 Weeks away from my contract expiring taking 90% of my free services with it so this sale would be great. Yet I wasn’t in a rush.

“what can you guys offer me”

Was my question when he finished his sales pitch. At that point I had decided that doing my nails tomorrow at lunch was better because then I could get a pedicure then go out after work instead of lingering in the area. I briefly listened to his answer. It  sounded like “wha, wha, wha” to me because he didn’t say anything I was interested in. I thanked him for his time. I knew in another week someone else would call and offer me something better.

As I hung up I turned my attention to my text messages. I met someone I liked and I was busy texting him back and forth. Yet although I liked him I wasn’t sure about him. He always complained about his circumstances. I was feeling positive about things and in turn alot of positive things we’re happening because of it yet everytime I spoke to him he complained and complained about hiscircumstances. It was beginning to become predictable with him. This was a red flag, that I will admit I didn’t recognize it’s meaning from the beginning which I now see was plainly pointing out that he’s self centered and focused on feeling sorry for himself instead of actively doing something about his situation.

He was the 1st guy I actually really liked and felt comfortable with since I reconciled my felings on my bad breakup and I used that as an excuse to stay. My first big mistake. Comfort was my trap; I see that now. Fast forward to October. He has pissed me off at least a dozen times. I almost told him goodbye once and basically took a step back from him twice. That’s not a healthy way to have a relationship with someone. He’s not the one for me. I want better for myself and I don’t want relationship drama from someone who doesn’t know what they want and doesn’t have the balls to say it.

Last night as I pulled into my parking stop in a Brampton parking lot my friend told me about her plans to go to Wonderland next weekend. She wanted me to come and bring him. I told her that’s not happening ever and she screamed in delight in my ear. “good Bronze, I can’t stand his ass. I’m so glad your done with him. He’s needed to go for a long time.”

I can’t agree more. Am I ready to date? Hmmm, I don’t think I have a choice at this point and in the next coming weeks you will see what im talking about! I can’t wait to share it with you but I can’t tell details just yet. It’s going to be both hilarious and fun all at the same time!

Talk to you all soon and I will share my business with you guys often as well.