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I downloaded hookt to my Android when I got my phone back in June. I figures it would be a good alternative to bbm and for the most part it was till I found out that not only does it connect you to current friends but it also connects you to people you have long since deleted off your phone.

Now, that might not be a bad thing for some but let’s be real. If you’ve deleted someone off your phone it’s because you don’t want to talk to or associate with them anymore. They’ve been deleted for a reason! So imagine my frustration when I get a pop up from hookt telling me that G has found me on hookt.

I sat hoping it wasn’t who I thought it could but I was wrong. I found it disgusting that nearly 2 years later G found me on hookt. Now obviously he has my # still stored in his phone (or saved in his new phone if he’s still changing his phones as frequently as he likes to). I can’t answer why he does since I told him don’t ever call me again and it’s his prerogative if he wants to have it or not. Whatever.

I just didn’t like seeing his new picture large and Ccntre on my phone with his latest thoughts on tehsummer being over so soon. Thus I deleted him quickly. He’s in the past and that’s where I want him to stay…firmly full stop. There is no room for him in my life.

G is not the only person hookt has reunited me with. I’m beginning to think hookt might have to get the axe soon.

What do you think? Has hookt reunited you with ghosts from the past? Tell me your experiences with this app.

Talk to you later!