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I can’t post this to facebook….

Hi everyone. I’ve been MIA but I hope this post makes up for it. I have been going through a bit lately thats kept me away for a bit. Work, exams, school, starting up a business and sustaining it, dating or trying to date. Life can get a bit hectic.

I’ll catch you all up on it some other time but for now I’m going to tell you about my night…or shall I say my morning lol out celebrating my friends birthday. My friend’s birthday was Saturday so she invited a bunch of us via facebook to come party with her at a club in downtown Toronto. My friend agreed to pick me up at 11:30 and we drive down to the club before guestlist closes at midnight. We end up getting there at around 12:15 instead. Luckily, our friend was outside and we got our guestlist tickets and avoided paying to get in. I waited outside for my friend to park the car for what seemed like forever and when she finally showed up we went inside. The club was HOT! No litearlly no air in or out hot! The second floor seemed to be all Black People and multi-racial people which was weird because downstairs was everyone else. Soon the crowd intermingled which was nice because no one was being excluded. But whatever, I dont care about race. The DJ kinda sucked and after finally getting to our booth I decided to make the best of it.

The guys were not cute at all so I decided to dance to music I didn’t really like, smiled at the girls cause they were the only ones who bothered to look good tonight and made small talk with them. I ended up meeting a really cool girl with a big ol booty in a white and blue stripped dress. I didn’t get her name but man when the DJ asked the crowd to drop it low she dropped it, picked it up then bounced it. I was impressed lol and I am heterosexual. I just wanted to slap it! lol

After a few sips of the free alcohol and champagne I was beginning to feel a little tipsy so it gave me even more courage to dance like no one was watching. I guess I am the only the one who spoke enough Spanish so when the DJ put on some reggaeton I sang every word, put my hands in the air and danced like I was in flats. When my feet hurt I went back to the VIP area, sat down then got up again with everyone else when the DJ put on another good song and headed back to the dancefloor. At one point,  I looked up and there was this tall guy who looked half Spanish. He was the only cute guy there and I noticed I caught his eye. Still tipsy and with one more reggaeton song I samba’d, salsa’d and shook my ass to some Daddy yankee, Don Omar and Pitbull LOL I didn’t care. After making my way back to VIP he, the cute Spanish looking guy chatted me up. Told me he is half Salvadorian and half Bajan. My grandfather was half Bajan so we high five’d on that. As I stood by the bar he came out of no where and gave me a wine(sexy grinding for those who might not understand what that means- thats what us West Indians call it) I was like “ok, give it to me baby!”. It was funny how he did it out of nowhere.

I asked him in spanish if he speaks the language and he replied that he doesn’t but he understands it. Perfect! LOL He’s tall and has curly hair and I think “not bad”. As I danced to some hard core rap and admired my ability to stand on 3.5 inch heels, be tipsy, dance to the beat and start enjoying this artist that I have no idea who he is, the Spanish guy comes back sits beside me and leans back so I think to myself, “F*** it, next song I’m gonna dance on him and return the wine he gave me earlier”. I got the chance when the DJ put Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” on. I look at him, point and start mouthing the words. His eyes light up and he smiles and looks up at me. So I lean my hips over, smile again, toss my hair and point at him and start dancing. He leans back and stretches his arms out wide then gets up and its hips to ass winning. I gotta give it to him, he can really dance and he keeps up to the beat and my pace very, very well. So he leans in and goes which side do you want, the Bajan side or the Spanish side. I start thinking, I am way to tipsy to make this not sound sexual so I look over my shoulder and make a deal with him. My Trinidadian side for his Barabados side. He agrees and it’s on. Damn if his dancing is any indication of his bedroom skills then I think he might be gifted (or it could be the alcohol in my system and my evaluating is off but the hips don’t lie…at least that’s what Shakira says).Our dancing was pretty hot because I look up and we had an audience. LOL

So they DJ changes the song and we are left standing there looking at each other for a moment smiling. Mine was sly because I was thinking all sorts of naughty things that I can’t take to church with me in the morning.  Oy vey! He then tells me he doesn’t know my name. I smile and tell him and he tells me his and asks  “does ______ have a number?”. I reply “yes, _______ has a number as long as ______ has a number”. He licks his lips and tells me that he is going to give me his number because he has made his move now he wants the ball to be in my court. I look up from my phone and I don’t know if its the alcohol or not but I say to him that he has to be the man here and show some initiative. Don’t ask me why LOL. He laughs and tells me he has, now he wants me to make the next move then spends the next 5 minutes making sure that I call him. I agreed. My friend so was tipsy that as we all descended the stairs, she yells something that ended with purse. I had no idea so I kept walking then turn around once we get at the bottom. I look over at her and she sucks her teeth, then hands her purse to a little man (he looks to be about 4’0 feet tall). He looks at her and asks what this is for and she points to me and goes, ‘because she wouldn’t hold it for me.” then proceeds t put her jacket on. I think that  was the icing before I left the club as we all start laughing.

It was a good night. Now aside from the fact that when we left the club I crossed the street with my way too tipsy friend in front of 2 policemen on horses, then slyly ask one of them to give me a ride to our car, yell at my friend to sober up so we can find her car that I now have to drive, then pass a bunch of men who yell, “Yo Dominicana, come here we wanna talk to you” as we find the car. Then I spend the 15 minute drive back to my house being a councellor to her about her recent break up, aside from that it was a really good night. Don’t worry I was sober enough to make the drive. I kid though, as much as I say I am tipsy I really am not. I’m sober and I take that stuff really seriously. I can’t lose my license espeially since I don’t work in Toronto. If that was the case we woulda stayed downtown longer if I wasn’t.

K i am off to bed. LOL Fun night of first’s, fun, dancing, winning, alcohol, policemen on horses and being sexy!

Ciao!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed my recount of my fun morning!!!!