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I had the pleasure of reading this book as a review for my blog and I highly recommend it to every woman who has had her heart-broken, who finds herself going for the same guy over and over again only to find herself alone again, the woman who finds herself pinning over a man who doesn’t want her yet still sleeps with him anyway. This book is for you.

The best thing about this book is the author Natalie speaks candidly and openly about a tough subject and acts like that big sister, mother, wise auntie or wise grandmother who lays it all out on the table with reasons and examples as to why you keep choosing the wrong men, allowing these men to use, abuse then leave you and why you keep going back for more either in the same guy or finding a different one to do it to you all over again. She really helps you to identify the criterion for you to know if you are a FallBack girl, a name she coined for a woman who lacks self-esteem who constantly allows herself to be used for various reasons, either she coins herself a ‘Miss Independent”, ‘renovator’, ‘Buffer’ etc. Falasies many women fool themselves into believing which leaves them vulnerable to the deception of the Mr. Unavailable’s.

Speaking of Mr. Unavailable, Natalie helps identify who these types of men are and the games they play. She goes into depth and detail describing their manipulations, and why they do the things they do. I guarantee you as you go through the detailed lists you will be able to identify at least 3 men in your life who fit the criteria and at least 1 who is an ex. The good news is, they follow a set pattern, almost as if they are all reading from the same playbook but they are not. Natalie helps the reader to realize that that playbook is you. And until you look deep down inside yourself and figure out the reasons why you seek men who are emotionally unavailable to fix, to have, to try to hold onto,  run after and let strip away your self-esteem and self-respect, the playbook will remain the same and these men will continue to act the way they do.

Natalie lays this all out in a sobering, personal and real way that leaves out judgment but gives you the truth in a loving but real way. What I love is she gives you tools and methods to change the pattern of behaviours so that you can break the destructive dating patterns that has left many women emotionally disillusioned, guilt ridden, lonely, sad and down trodden on the concept of love. What I love is the worksheet she gives you at the end of the book that helps you to put pen to paper and get those patterns out in the open so you can face the truths and let them go. This book is an A+ in my book. I have read many books like this and this one definitely ranks in my top 3 Must Reads for myself and my girlfriends. Not all men are dogs. Knowledge is power. Grab onto this knowledge and set yourself free.

I give this books 4.5 stars out of 5. 4.5 because I think this book should have come with more of a worksheet at the back. I loved the worksheet area. As a former blaming and self shaming girl I can attest that the advise in this books is wise and it works! Check out http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/ and read her articles and the comments sections that accompany them.

Take care for now!