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Last night I went out with a friend for drinks downtown. I got there late, unfortunately because the Avengers, which is the movie my dad and I went out to see was sold out for the fist show at 3:20p so we waited for the 6:40p show. It was fun. He and I love books so we hung out in Indigo for a long time then went to eat in the food court. Unfortunately, Yorkdale was rammed, as always and the new construction happening in the foodcourt took away coveted seats, so we ended up sitting down by the elevator on the ledge. No biggie for either of us. We just went with the flow.

The Avengers was awesome!!! I loved it. I got my dad to sit in the middle seats with me because I hate the edge seats. We sat riveted to the seats the entire time. It was pretty awesome and I really want to go back and watch it again. I drove my dad home, got back to my place, shower, changed 5-times before deciding on a black mini skirt and tank top with balck and turquoise accessories and headed out the door…late! When I get to the bar my friend walks me in and we ascend up the steep stairs into the bar area. The men were cute and just my type and before long we were striking up conversations with 2 men beside us. When they went out to smoke we took their seats and more men came over. One of them was an older man in his 50’s who had just returned from a trip to China and he wanted to share his thoughts with my friend who is also Chinese. I was in the middle as he leaned over, ignoring me entirely and chatted her up. I didn’t mind. It gave me an opportunity to scan the room to lock eyes with a cutie.

Well, it didn’t exactly turn out that way. When my friend had enough she gave him clear signs their convo was over and he decided to pay his tab and retreat. As he did so, he turned the chair over and it partly landed on me as he ackwardly tried to turn it right side up. In the meantime, he also righted it onto a tall Indian guy’s foot. Dude turns to me and goes, “dont worry that was my foot”. When the older guy left the indian guy sat down and I leaned in and told him I didn’t overturn the chair it was the older gentleman. He replied, “thats ok, its just the foot I use for soccor. I shrugged and smiled it off not knowing if he was serious or not because he wasn’t necessarily smiling. I returned to my convo with my friend and so he was leaning in and talking to me so I guess he was joking. He told me he was 25 and an Investment Banker who broke up with his girlfriend 4 months ago. So he works hard and then party’s and this week was a really hard week.

I shrugged but smiled and still engaged him but my interest left when he told me he was 25 and a enwly broken up. Positives is he is 6’3, we both love volleyball, and he’s an investment banker. Negatives, he’s 25, party’s alot, smokes and by the end was a bit intoxicated. He leans in and kisses me on the cheek, disappears to his friends table then comes back and asks me for my number. *insert blank stare here*I thought he had left.

After that, the crowd thinned out a lot. Good thing because I caught a stalker. I turned just in time to see him staring me down from the other side of the bar. He walked away then came back again and stood in a corner pretending not to watch but I saw him. When my friend and I got up to leave he moved in closer and I ducked between the people already leaving. Crazy. Either way it was a good night. I got in pretty late and woke up so tired. Anyways. Talk to you all later.