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Last night I went to Yuk Yuk’s with work to see Mike Bullard Live. I knew that Mike was on CFRB 1010, so I was familiar with his voice but not necessarily with what he looked like. I also remember, from his CFRB days, that he can be a bit of an ass who at times said things that made me want to turn the radio off; which I often did. I found him to be loud and opinionated which is fine because that’s what he is supposed to be as a popular radio host but I never thought he could be a stand up comedian. Never the less I decided to go and give him a chance considering I had never heard him tell one single joke in his life.

I got to the show and sat with my co workers and chatted it up. So far, so good. The host MC came on, told a few jokes then introduced a black guy who came on and gave a stand up routine that mixed racial stereotypes with his everyday life experiences and observations. I laughed at some of his jokes, sat stone faced at his N-word jokes (I noticed that the group would ocasionally dart glances at me to see what I thought) and giggled at his recounts of his everyday goof ups. I think he had the crowd going pretty well and they seemed to enjoy him. Next came Mike. His jokes were mainly asking people their occupations and winging it from there by making fun of them and the fact that they didn’t have a real job with a real company.

He poked fun at the guy who had his own Dodge Ball League and made $60K-$70K per year. He laughed at his girlfriend who was a kindergarden teacher saying she recruited and supplied a large part of his customer base. He made fun of the District manager for Canada Post, the man who invented the GPS, the accountant and the Social Media PR girl who just got a job with a company that he described as being one that she had to put a plastic bag over people’s heads when they repeated the name 9for the spit factor). He attempted a joke with a young man about homosexuality. Really, he feined hitting on him. He mentioned his divorce then he exited the stage. To sum it all up, he bored me. I think the Black Guy did a way better job preparing and exucting his jokes. You could tell he put time and effort in it because he had to, he wasn’t the headlining act. Mike came in on his laurels as Mike Bullard and figured he could coast through on that. His jokes are not my style at all. Not only that but the show ended way later than I thought it would. Getting out of there after 11pm left little room to go home, change into a club outfit, do my hair and head downtown with the girls. So I went home instead, watched tv then fell asleep. I enjoyed the night because of the company and the comic relief. Plus I had my famous rum and coke and a bit of nachos. Awesome.

Today I am off to see the Avengers with my dad and heading downtown a friend for Drinks! I’m excited. Its going to be a really awesome day! Sorry for being MIA. DTC Designs has me pretty busy. I social media network, make my designs and I am busy coming up with ways to generate sales. I created an awesome post this past wednesday and my blackberry ate it!!! I have been searching for it and I can’t find it at all. So much for the blackberry acting right. I won’t give up though!

Talk to you soon.