I went to the museum tonight with a friend to celebrate her unofficial birthday. Partying at the museum beside the dinosaur’s and Chinese artifacts was intersting. The DJ was really great and the crowd had a nice vibe. I met a guy there who is a friend of my friend. He seemed interested and I gave him all the signs that I was interested. I smiled, talked, engaged him in convo. I spoke to his friend who tried to hook us up but it all fel apart on one aspect. His friend leans in and tells me that I have to ask him out because he is shy but don’t worry he likes me. I pondered this for a moment and decided against it.

I gave this guy every green ight you can think of. I smiled, I was enagaging, I engaged him in convo repeatdely but yet he wouldn’t make any kind of concrete moves. I feel like given all the signs I gave him, he should have at least suggested that we meet up again, even if it’s at the museum. He’s 38 and cute but if his friend has to act like his wing man to that extent then do I want to start dating someone like that?

At the end of the night, he gave me a hug and said, “it was nice meeting you”. He didn’t ask how I got there, did I drive, walk, bus it, nothing. He just followed behind his friend. I walked to my car alone. On to the next one I…

Talk soon guys.