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Last night my cousin and I agreed to go to a Singles Mixer. It was our first time ever going so we dolled up (me in 4 inch heels ay!) and headed downtown in one car. When we got there, we were greeted by a nice man at the door who gave us a questionaire and instructions to find a guy to answer all the questions with, get his initials then bring it back for a prize. Sounded intersting. So with out best smiles in tow we headed down the steps and into the mixer. My first surveilance of the room told me there wasn’t anyone that I found attractive and from talking to my cousin she agreed.

We mixed and mingled with the men there so we could fill up our questionaire. I briefy left for a moment because I was hungry and I knew if I drank my cousin would be scapping me off the floor. I made my way down to the BierMarkt a young indies bar) and ordered wings and ate them as i stared at the tall hot bartender and wondered if he was gay or if one of the bar girls was banging him or not. It was interesting because I walked in there, the only bronze girl in a sea of indie type people. Not only that but I was wearing sky high heels, a short skirt and a short leather jacket. As I sat down I noticed the men stope, turn and stare. Even a few dropped their jaws and widened their eyes at me. Interesting indeed. I smiled and waited for one of the bar girls, hopefully the hot bar guy tohand me a menu.

When I got back, I mingled with a disgruntled lawyer. A turn of for me is someone who leads with how much they hate their job. I get that your dissatisfied but it doesn’t look good to me when thats your opening line. It makes me wonder what else you are miserable about. As we made our way through the crowd my cousin spotted a guy sitting on a chair by himself. She chatted him up and soon his cousin came to join and next thing I knew we were engaged in a hilarious 4-way convo. Andrew, I learned is half Fiji, Christian, and Accountant, not looking for a relationship, and just ended one last summer. He is also Caribean just like me. I wasn’t attracted to him at all but he seemed like a cool guy to chat to for the moment.

Later my cousin and I went to dinner and our waiter Brandan was the best!! He brought over shots, made sure we had our meals on time and if it wasn’t right he made sure we got a free take home dinner. Awesome. He deserved his tip!

Talk to you all later 🙂