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Hi everyone!!


So my allergies are kicking my butt! Granted, I was sick 2 weeks ago or at least I think I was but now I am sure this runny nose, itchy ears (they are clean I have checked multiple times) and sneezing is my old nemesis coming back early to taunt me another year.

Every morning I sneeze, dab my runny eyes and blow my nose. Its so sad. Today as I reached for another tissue it suddenly dawned on me that I might run out soon. The thought had me freeze right in my tracks mid sneeze as I pictured myself reaching for the box only to find it empty. I panicked. I can’t let it happen, I just….can’t!! Do you think I would look crazy if I came to work with a handful of kleenex boxes??

*ponders the thought*

That just might be a good idea!

Great news!!!!  I uninstalled then reinstalled the wordpress App and now it seems to be working!! Yes!!!! Do you know what this means?? I’ll be back typing out posts from my blackberry!!!!!! Oh yea!!!!

*happy dance*

I can’t wait!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!!