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Hello everyone!

Today I went on the first normal date in months.

He is a really cool guy. 37 years old, about 5’10, athletic, outgoing, talkative, and a gentleman. We went to a rooftop patio restaurant for lunch, then took a walk back to his area and had a drink at Starbucks. The whole time we had great conversation the entire time. It was nice to go on a date with someone who was normal. My only issue is that he smokes and that’s an issue because I am asthmatic. He tells me plans to quit.

Other than that, the date was really good. At the end I told him how much I enjoyed my time and asked if he had fun. He said he did and I told him I did too. I gave him a hug and told him we should hang out again soon and he agreed then gave me another hug as well. I then drove home.

It was a really good date. Hopefully, we can go out again soon.