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So here is my musings about me post with whats happened all this week.

Saturday, I met up with a friend to go to the Casino for a girls day out. or so I thought. It turned into my friends, friends-friends coming along as a day long trip and me being left alone for the entire bus ride up to the casino.  I could handle that because at the time I really had no choice but that wasn’t the worst of it, it was the other shit that happened that made me wish I never went. The allergic reaction to the nuts being eaten on the bus by people who were requested not to eat them (I’d think 15 grown adults can respect that right?). That wasn’t even the climax of the trip. Dinner was the worst part. I’m never allowing myself to be put into a position like that every again. I learned a valuabe lesson. Believe me, it won’t ever happen again. There is so much I can say but I won’t because at this point I am tired of it and it won’t change what happened. Its such a long story that I feel like I don’t even want to get into every detail of it because I’ve already done so and of course  rolled it over in my head that at this point I feel like I have had enough.

Maybe if my blackberry wasn’t acting up you could have gotten the play by play but 4 days later unfortnately this is all you will get. I sat this morning watching Joyce Myers and she said some very interesting things about being offended and letting it go. It’s time I start practicing starting now.

Good night everyone!