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Hi everyone!!!

I have been sick with a cold since Monday. BUT, I am determined to fight it. I keep telling myself that I am not sick and I am strong enough to fight it. All was well or so I thought. Today, the greek guy I’ve been talking to asked if I wanted to go out today. I agreed and we met for coffee at a restaurant.I dolled up, put on my slutty pink lipstick (my fav) and headed out.

We arrived relatively the same time and sit down. The restaurant was warm. Now I have to note something, although he is cute I didn’t think he was overly hot or anything. He is a little shorter than me aswell at about 5’8 which is not a really big deal since I am 5’8.5…in flats. I think it was the heat in the restaurant bit I siddenly started caughing so badly. My eyes wattered, my nose started running and I was looking like a mess!! So embrassing. He was really nice about it and told me its ok.

After about 2 hours of eating, small talk and my runny nose I decided it was time to go. I asked him if it was ok to end the night early and he agreed, paid for the dinner and we left. I gave him a hug outside. He is a nice guy and I enjoyed our time but I didn’t feel like we had a connection. I would go hang out with him but I”m not sure if there is a connection at all. I left the restaurant and I needed to go pee so bad!!!!!! Before I could go home (and pee instead of using the restaurant bathroom) I had to stop off and give my dad some tires that my brother thoughtfully put in my car and then volunteered it as courier to send the tires up to dads house. Nice of him to ask me first of course. Perks of being a smaller (and shorter) younger sister with a brother who has almost 9 years on me and about 80lbs!! Yay….

After leaving my dad I got every green light home untill I got to my last major intersection and had to wait behind a line up of drivers who didn’t know what an advanced left turning light was. I thought I was going to pee on my cloth seats and short out my heated seat function. I got home, locked my car, ran upstairs and left a trail of my jacket, purse and keys from the door to the bathroom. LOL But I made it!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, it was a good night.

I’m off to bed, this “cold” is acting up and I am sneezing and “running” all over the place. Time for bed. Talk to you all later!!