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Hello everyone.

I’m glad you guys are still around and haven’t abandoned my blog. Not only have I been busy with my venture but I have also been busy with school and my business venture. Well, I’d like to give you guys a peak at what I have been up to but first, lets do some updates.

I met someone at the girls night out. He is cute. His name is George and he is Greek. I’ve never dated a greek guy so I thought ok and he is goofy and nice. We are supposed to go out this week but what he doesnt know is I am feeling a bit under the weather. I’m fighting it and so far I am better than I was yesterday so I think I can pull this off.

I’ve decided I might just take the plunge and dye my hair a light brown. The colour looks great on my skin and I think I can pull it off really well. I’m also thinking of putting in some honey blong streaks as well. Last summer I had those streaks in my hair and it looked really nice but experimenting with colour permenantly is always a bit scary. I’ll keep you posted.

Lats Friday, work had a bowing night. It was major fun especially since there was this hot guy from another department there. Since I brought my camera for reasons other than work, the HR manager asked if I would mind taking pics for the night. I didn’t mind at all, especially since it gave me a reason to go over to his lane and just take pictures. LOL He is cute! What I didn’t know was that he was cc’d on an email to me to retrieve the pictures. We talked back and forth to arrange putting the pics onhis USB stick and to my surprise in walks CUTIE asking for my pictures!!!!! I had no idea I was talking to him the whole time!!!

Well, “smart” me only brought my camera and not my USB cord so he had to leave without them but I did manage to borrow a blackberry USB cord which fit my camera and uploaded them to his email (perfect opportunity).  I took that oportunity to tell him it was nice meeting him and ask if he had fun last Friday. We had a great convo back and forth till around 4 pm when I got really busy and couldn’t answer his last email (I had a tight deadline that I missed anyway due to the system downloading info in the wrong format). I will reply to him tomorrow. In any case, its exciting. He is here on contract till next month.

I have been working on a new venture that I am passionate about. So far I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and valuable advice that I plan to continue to incorporate into my business model. Have a peek and tell me what you think:























All of these pieces are handmade by me. They are unique and most pieces once made are not re-designed. My price ranges from $15.00 to $30.00. I have a website that  have designed and will be launching soon. You guys will be the first to see it! So stay tuned. I have other pieces as well, such as sideways cross bracelets and I am working on other trendy and unique pieces







So now you know what I have been up to. Its a arduous task starting a business. I log every single expense down to the dollar including all profits I have made. Wish me luck, and tell me what you think.

Talk to you all soon(er)!