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Hello everyone!

Today is an awesome day! The sun is shining, the heavy fog has lifted and the birds are chirping! It is such and great day! How’s your day so far?

I got a phone call from my dad at work yesterday. He called me because he was in the hospital. His blood pressure fell dangerously low and he had to be rushed over there. I sat at my desk and told myself I wasn’t going to stress about it. That he was in the right place for treatment and everything was going to be alright.

I kept reminding myself of this as my brother insisted that I go to the hospital and as I finished my journey home. I was determined not to stress about it. He was released 1:30am.

As I drove in today I made a decision. There are 2 major things of concern for me that I have been struggling with lately to feel positive about. I’ve felt downright discouraged actually. I decided no matter how it may look or how I feel I’m going to be positive because feeling discouraged hasn’t helped me one bit. Scientists say that you believe more of what you tell yourself that what anyone else does. So I’m going to tell myself what I want to hear and believe it too then ask and trust God for the rest.

It feels good to do that!

Have a great day everyone!