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Hello everyone,
I’m not a rap follower but I like to keep current on what’s going on around me both in the news and to some extent entertainment. I took a mental break today and visited a link I got off facebook to a entertainment site after it was reposted in my feed. I was horrified. T.I decided to get involved in the lastest (idiotic) girl beef between two up and coming rap artists Iggy and Azaelia. Azaelia Banks was irked that Iggy, a white rap artist was featured on the cover of XXL rap mags feature on up and coming rap artists. That doesn’t interest me as I could careless, wHat
Horrified me however was T.I’s comments to Azaelia speaking out.
He suggested that maybe if Azaelia sucked enough dick she might hope to have some success down the road and that she should leave his artist alone.

I was disgusted. First of all, I won’t begin to touch upon the racial undertones between these two artists one being black and the other being white, nor will I get into T.I’s prior declarations of preferring light skinned women european feature type women over dark skinned black women, nor will I begin to touch on Iggy’s rap line ( as those who listen to her music have posted since I don’t listen to rap) that she has referred to herself as a runaway slave master because I can’t in the short time I have to type this out on my blackberry. BUT I will speak about the fact that T.I is a grown man suggesting that a young black up and coming female artist should suck some dick to get ahead and leave his artist alone. The mysogeny, and denigration of black women by these damaged black male rap artists is disgusting and needs to stop now!

What else needs to happen before people in the “black community” decide enough is enough?

What other genre of music do you see male artists publically get involved in disagreements between two women and suggest that one give it a rest and sexually demoralize herself by sucking dick as her only hope to get ahead? Yet millions of black women will go out buy his album, go to his concerts, and dance to his music in the clubs not caring that if the tables were turned and they spoke out against his rap prodigy that they too would be told to go suck a dick regardless of if they were a fan or not!

When will black women wake up and stop financially supporting these damaged men who publically humiliate them and tell the world that they are not worthy of respect and honor? Who don’t seek to protect you instead put you down, slaughter you ad sell you out to make money? When will they stop giving acceptance to this kind of behaviour by turning a blind eye because you weren’t personally named in the latest public humiliation of another black female? Then, what’s sad is that these same people will jump on the bandwagon and voice their opinion on how life isn’t fair and the “man” is holding them down! No! The only man holding you down are the damaged men you allow around you and the damaged “men” in the music you listen to and support with your hard earned money!