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Hey everyone

I am not a Beyonce fan. I respect her as an artist and a business woman and I admire her for being her own boss and the smart decisions she has made for herself over the years but thats as far as it goes. In the past, I found myself nodding in approval as she kept mum about her personal life and her marriage. I found it strange therefore afterwards how she suddenly became chatty for a moment about her pregnancy but I figured this is a big deal in her life and as a woman, carrying a life I would be chatty as well because who doesn’t like to share such good news right?

After the birth, I also thought it was a smart move to post her own pictures of her baby for free as opposed to going the normal celebrity route and sell the photos to the highest bidder. I liked that because it was unique and showed a level of classiness and respect and again control where few celebrities ever have any of these days. Now it seems Bey is out almost everywhere with Blue Ivy and can be seen all over my fav entertainment blog with her baby on almost a weekly basis. Pre- pregnancy you never saw Beyonce out just on a walk or doing anything for that matter.

I guess I am just typing out loud. I know a lot of gossip was spreading all around the net that this baby was not carried by her and that folding belly incident in Austrailia definetly didn’t help ease the fire storm. But it is what it is. Blue is here, she’s very cute and her mama is clearly proud to take her out and intorduce her to the world. I will say this though, it’s funny how Wendy Williams did a complete about face and is all of a sudden very mum on the evidence she presented when she demonstrated how Beyonce’s belly couldn’t possibly fold if a baby was in there.

It was very convincing and I figured she would still have an eyebrow raised and carry on with the case she started but it looks like shes dropped it now that Blue is here and has opted to say nothing but positive praises for the mother and baby which is fine. But you would think after such effort she would at least make an update. I guess not. Maybe Jay made a phone call and had a convo with her about it asking her to back off. Who knows. Again, time will tell.

Either way, the baby is beautiful and Beyonce seems very happy and thrilled to show her off (what young mother wouldn’t), all be it on her terms which is perfectly fine because  it’s her baby so she can do just that.

Talk to you all later