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Hello everyone

I have been MIA for a few reasons. School, work, and some personal projects have taken up much of my time but I haven’t forgotten about you.

This past week I joined on the whim a womens meetup group. It was my first time going to this meetup and I didn’t know anyone. I asked a few friends to come but none could make it so I bought a sexy top on Friday, put on a short black skirt and some sexy strappy heels (that hurt like hell midway through the night) and teetered downtown to meet the ladies. They turned out to be wonderful. I don’t hold up a mirror to do a face check so I tend to forget how young I look so when one of the women leaned over, within context of the conversation we all were having and I revealed my age she nearly fell out of her seat. She thought I was in my mid twenties. What I liked about these women, was even though we were a group of 30-somethings no one looked at me funny or treated me like a young child sitting at the adult table. I appreciated that because I have felt that many times before.

The group organizer, whom made us all meet her by 10:30pm didn’t finish up her dinner with the other guests (part one was for people who wanted to sit down to eat, part two was for those of us who just wanted to hit the club). till close to 11. Now there is a really fancy, tres chic club that everyone wants to go to BUT you have to get there by the latest 10:15 in order to get in. Anything past that time and you won’t get in. So when we got there after 11 I knew we weren’t getting in so I chatted it up with the other ladies hoping that maybe this might be our lucky night. It wasn’t at that club but the bouncer felt pity and gave his name for us to use to get line bypass at another club just across the street.

That club was pretty good except the DJ kinda sucked a bit. What I loved about the club was it was really nice inside and the girls I was with were really great and funny. We had some funny moments. We also had a wolf pack hovering around us who at one point infiltrated our dancing circle. I didn’t like that.  Anyhow, it was fun. I met someone there as I waited in the coat check line. Mr. Musty. I didn’t appreciate his mustyness. I found it gross actually. Either way, it was a fun night and I exchanged contact information with the girls and I am making plans with one to meet for brunch this weekend. I’ll keep you all posted…more often and frequently throughout the week.

Talk to you all soon.