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Hi everyone!

Last night while flat ironing my hair I took a look at myself in the mirror and made a radical decision, I was going to go to work naked. This morning I woke up, and put in a little eye make up and left the house. I got down to the car and all the way to work wondering if anyone would notice. I walked in and no one batted an eye, they were huddled talking about the Oscars and what movies won and who was best dressed. I walked over listened then went back to my desk.

No curious stares or peculiar glances. I went to check myself out in the mirror then went back to my desk to make sure I wasn’t the only one who could see I’m naked. First break I got I went to ask a friend what she thought. “Bronze, I didn’t even notice. You just look natural” she told me. I thought about it then went about my business confident I didn’t look out the ordinary. For lent I gave up eating junk food. I didn’t expect to give up my powdered foundation as well. So far I like it.

I might have to change my name from bronze to toasted caramel but I doubt I should. For now I’ll enjoy being naked and this new experience that it has to offer.

Talk to you all soon.