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Hello everyone

(look at this picture of them from the Grammys 2 weeks ago- He looks like he is in heaven having her in his arms again)

News of Rhianna and Chris Brown’s remix to Birthday cake hit the net a few days ago and like most I was shocked. I held off writing about it because I hoped it was just a rumour someone started but today at work while listening to Sirius satellite the shocked hots proclaimed it over the air that the mix hit the net today. We were shocked. After everything that’s happened for her, to think she found her way back over to him (voluntarily withdrew the restraining order that forced them apart) and asked him to do a remix on her song was too much to fathom. That is  till I came home and there it was on youtube in my suggestions.

A few days ago Erica Ramirez on Billboard penned an open letter to both Chris Brown and Rhianna  stating the following to Rhianna:

“…the news about CB dropping by your “Birthday Cake” remix… damn. Three years and nine days later, it is officially implied that, no matter if you two are “single” or “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated,” a token of forgiveness has been earned by Brown. And that’s not cool, to a whole lot of people. 

Look, you could do this one song with Brown and never work with him again, or go record “Watch The Pop Throne” with him. You two could become a couple again and get married in Vegas next week. Maybe you want none of those things, or all of those things; you certainly have the right to do any of those things. In your words, “there’s only one you, so just be that.” Do you, Rihanna! 

But, in all honesty… you can’t do you, Rihanna. Not here. Not with Chris Brown. Because like it or not, millions of people are paying attention to you, trying to be as cool as you, attempting to find love in a hopeless place and wondering if it’s okay to walk down the same dark alleyway twice. Young girls look up to people like you to guide them through circumstances too complex for them to tackle on their own, and by granting Chris Brown an iota of tolerance, you implicitly encourage others to consider doing the same.

And to Chris the following:

Have we forgiven you? Some have, some haven’t. Have we forgotten? No. Never will, sadly. Which is why you’ll be an artist oft-maligned, specifically pertaining to those two questions. 

But my concerns are your habitual stunts of anger. You don’t let us forgive and not turn back. 

One minute you’re crying at the closing of a Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Music Awards and the next you’re throwing chairs out the “Good Morning America” window. One minute you’re grabbing your first Grammy for your first No. 1 album. The next you’re cursing everybody and their mothers on Twitter AND reportedly saying it was someone who controls your tweets. Really? 

You can’t get mad at us for not forgetting. It happened, it’s written. But when you get aggressive and act out, what do you think people are going to reference? For every person that is waiting for your fall, there are those cheering for you to win, but it’s hard for those who want you to thrive because when you take one step forward, you inevitably take two steps back. 

Take a note from Jay-Z‘s words to Kanye West, in your own song coincidentally, “Deuces,” “But I won’t get my drama on/ What I’m dealing with is too real for me to comment on/ Jay finally got it through my head not to run my  mouth/ So when y’all talking about you know who/ I don’t know who you talking ’bout,” ‘Ye rhymed. 

Write it down on iNotes, Evernote… wherever but not Twitter.

I give Chris no such pass. in a fit of rage that we have since seen on Good morning America, Chris Brown worked Rhianna’s face over so bad 3 years ago that half the world didn’t recognize her mug shot’s. After that the black community was divided almost 90/10 for those blaming Rhianna whose Bajan heritage meant she automoatically had an “island” temper and therefore must have caused Chris Brown to beat her up like that. The other 10 % sided with the rest of the world who thought Chris was an animal and deserved to be punished.

I think the Grammy’s have some responsibility here for hoisting CB up on a pedestal  of approval and slapping the “acceptance” label on him when they allowed him to perform 2 weeks ago. Did you hear about the young girls tweeting during his performance that he can beat them up any day because he is so fine? Disgusting! Like it or not, not every home has parents to guide their young sons and daughters and they ARE looking up to these people as their role models. So when the Grammy’s Good Morning America, BET and other artists work with “men” like Chris Brown they are saying, “we don’t care what you did as long as the money is good”.

The Grammy’s and GMA traded ratings and money for responsible broadcasting. By putting him on their show they sent the message that it’s ok to beat your girlfriend within an inch of her life as long as you stay out the spotlight for a while, then come back later you will always have a place here. Garbage! Then they are shocked that girls are tweeting in their applications to be domestic abuse victims.

As for Rhianna, after everything that’s happened, the mug shots, the songs he wrote, the Diane Sawyer interview she did, the restraining order and everyone everywhere reaching out and pouring sympathy on this girl you would think this would be the last thing she would do. But I guess not. I guess it didn’t matter because Rhianna gets what she wants in the end no matter what right?

After months of tweeting back and forth, his live in girlfriend, her sky rocketing career and his slow ascent back to stardom it comes down to her going out of her way to tap him for a remix on a sexually charged song. How can you not read anything into their racy lyrical exchange? If I was his current girlfriend (which it would never happen because I have self-respect) what would be going through my mind as I listen to my live in boyfriend sing lyrics like ” I want to F** you right now” and ” It’s been a long time I  been missing your body” or “Turn the lights out, when I go down its a private party” to his ex-girlfriend that he viciously beat up whom afterward he pinned over when the judge put a restraining order between them.

I can only imagine what he’s telling her at home right now,

“Baby, it’s just a song it doesn’t mean anything. Yea I used to have sex with her…a lot and I loved it I mean liked it…a lot but it doesn’t mean anything. I’m with you now and I like your body too”

*insert side eye here*

I bet she is believes him too.

I look at Rhianna and I think what a stupid move she is making doing this remix with the man who beat her in a parked car while she screamed in a quiet residential neighbourhood. I  wonder. I guess now that the wounds have healed and her face is still good she’s forgotten what it looked like when it shocked the world 3 years ago in that mug shot.

I was going to post the song but I’ve decided not to. 

Till next time.