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Hello ladies. I apologize for being away I was sick. I started feeling symptoms last Friday but shook it off. It didn’t really hit me till around Tuesday night. I went back to work yesterday and began feeling better by last night.

Do you talk to much about the details of your upcoming ventures and or dreams?

Not everyone will be happy for you because your dreams or willingness to take a step forward and follow them sometimes holds up a mirror and shows them their short comings and or inability to muster the courage to follow their dreams. People can become resentful of the dreamer without consciously knowing why.

Sometimes, it’s best to trust a little bit of information with people in order to see how they will act with it. DO they smile but you notice the are scarce? Do they rejoice at your news but later on start throwing in negative nuggets designed to make us “think” about our actions. I had an idea that I shared with someone and this person instead of being happy for my idea and proud that I am seeking to make positive strides they decided to question my ability to prioritize. They stopped short of calling me irresponsible and suggested that they hoped I was not looking for a quick fix. I was offended and somewhat hurt. It was then that I learned that I not only should have trusted my gut but I should also have not have told this person my whole idea.

I learned quickly and it won’t happen again. As I was home sick, letting my immune system do its job and maintaining my own positivity I reflected for a moment on this lesson I just learned and I realized this important facet. I’m not saying not to share your hopes and dreams with your loved ones but just know that sometimes, you have to be careful of how  much you share and with whom.

Till next time