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Hey ladies,

If you find that you are single this Valentines Day and are feeling like you can’t wait for Feb 15th so you can pretend today never happened, why not turn today into a “Me” day?

Go shopping for something nice for yourself? Do your hair, nails, settle in with a good movie? Or invite your single friends over and have a girls night in or have a single girls night out? Today doesn’t have to be a sad day only reserved for the lonely. Nope! Love is for everyone. So why not turn Valentines Day into a “I love Me” Day?





Whatever you do, don’t be sad. You owe yourself more than a commercial day aimed at making couples feel like this is the designated day to spend money on your loved one. Make this day be the day you spend your money and caring on yourself!

Have a great night everyone.

I know I am 🙂