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Ok, I am watching the Grammy’s and stopped my work out to dance to Deadmaus whom I love! David Getta was amazing too but I have a soft spot for the mous! lol Now I’m watching Nicki Minaj’s performance and I gotta say, “what the hell????”

I don’t understand what she is rapping and all that growling. I know this is a performance about Roman her alter ego but umm, can we get subtitles please? I think she is very creative and talented but I don’t know if I can explain this one just yet. Between the priest chaperone on the red carpet

 complete with matching red cape, the reference to exorcism, the levitating Nicki and the convulsions I am not quite sure if I am seeing an Illuminati initiation ceremony or a strange expression of creativity. Either way, wow….

I thought Taylor Swift was awesome!! I just love her and I think her child like wonderment is endearing. I really love it.

Adele! I am a super fan of hers from before she made it big with this album! I am super happy for her and I can’t wait to hear her next album!

I tuned in an hour and fifteen minutes into the show but so far it has been ok till Nicki lol. I actually like what Lady Gaga is wearing tonight!

I am so glad Adel won for Album of the Year. Turning a bad relationship into a successful album. And her snot comment was so cute and funny! Loves her!!

And can I comment on LL cool J looked?? He is super hot! Yummy just like fine wine 🙂

Talk to you all soon. Goodnight!