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Hello everyone!

I had a hectic day today. I woke up with a headache, and had the task of going out into this -20 degree weather to do some errands. So I bundled up and headed out. I wore three layers and I was super glad I did till I got to the mall and began to feel over dressed and super layered. Not only that but the mall was super busy! I figured since it was so cold no one would want to venture out. Well I was wrong. Not only did they venture out but they all made their way to the mall too. My goal at the mall was to get a wallet I saw at Guess. I’ve been searching for 6 months for a decent wallet that has good storage and is not too bulky. I stopped seriously searching about 3 months ago after I found an old one that I figured would suffice…that is till it broke! Ugh! So the mission was back on. So I get to the store and ended up changing my mind. I didn’t want to spend all that money. By sheer curiosity I walked into another store and ended up finding one that I liked a lot better for way less then the one I fell in love with at Guess. YEAH!! I saved money. 

I come home and decided I needed to do some laundry since tomorrow would be busy (I’m taking my friend to the airport and going out after). So, I packed everything up and made my way down and back up to wait for the clothes to dry. The movie Takers is on and my favorite part was coming up so I hurried downstairs to get the clothes with a promise to make my way back up in time to catch the last scene. Plan didn’t go as I thought because I encountered a guy who was either on drugs, mentally disturbed or both. He followed me into the laundry room and proceeded to slam each and every dryer while looking at me wide eyed. I’ve never seen this guy before in my life.

Scary! I decided not to turn my back on him at all and he watched me as I made my way to the door then followed me out to the elevator where he met up with another person who is an avid drug user. I stood there wanting to bolt up the stairs but I knew he would follow me so I stayed put. As I stood there, 3 older men came and we all stood at the elevator to wait and watch what this crazy person was going to do next.

I prayed in my heart for a break and a chance to get away from him. When I was in highschool, a detective came and taught us basic self defence and how not to act like  a victim when we feel threatened by someone. So I stood with my arms crossed, a serious look on my face and my head held high and took in every detail around me. Finally the elevator came and he got on, and noticed that none of us followed him. Well he got angry, swore at all of us and came exited the elevator. The elevator left then came back again and he tried to get on that too until the people on there told him it was going down to the basement. He decided to get on anyway and I watched and waited till it hit B for the basement then I picked up my basket and headed for the stairs.

That was scary. I don’t think I will be going to do laundry at 5 anymore…

I need to move.

Talk to you all soon.