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Hey everyone,

I was watching Coronoation Street this evening after not watching for years. I tuned in right when 2 male characters were having a somewhat heated covnersation. Turns out, friend 1 wanted to help his friend acquire his confidence with the ladies. So he scoped out a girl who his friend might like, approached her secretly and paid her to act interested in his friend. She did and his friend fell for her. Problem is friend 1 didn’t plan on that happening. He figured at most his friend would get an ego boost from the attention and leave it at that. Instead, his friend asked the girl out and has been excited about her ever since. Now Friend 1 had the difficult task of breaking it to his friend before he got in too deep.

Naturally friend 2 was upset because he thought she liked him for him and not because friend 1 lined her purse with some cash first. I sat with my jaw open. I felt Friend 2’s betrayal but I also could see why Friend 1 could blindly think he was helping his friend. I thought it was quite devious on Friend 1’s part. In the end, the girl turned out to like friend 2 anyway so there was no harm or foul but what if she didn’t? Could his friend forgive him and continue being his friend afterward. Would you forgive your friend? What if your friend’s plan back fired and the other person stopped all communication?

Tell me your thoughts.

Talk to you all soon!