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Hi everyone!!

In today’s economy, all the economists caution us to have a back up plan for the unexpected so your not caught off guard and we all understand that. But do you have a plan for adversity? Are you emotionally and mentally prepared for something to go wrong? Those mistakes that we never intended to make but did anyway. Sometimes a step back, is necessary to make a step forward in the right direction so we can get to where we want to go.

Friends come and go, but sometimes people need to leave our lives in order to make room for the right person or circumstance to bring us to the right opportunity. On the flip side, sometimes people come into our lives for the best even if we don’t see it at the time that includes the people who cause us pain. 

Learn from your mistakes and move on from them. Dwelling is the quickest way to get in an emotional rut and get stuck.

 I tweeted today that sometimes disappointments are for good.

How do you react to adversity?

Talk to you all soon.