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Hi everyone.

Did anyone catch the super bowl half time show with Madonna’s roman soldiers, guest stars like Niki Minaj and Cee lo? It was pretty amazing and very well choreographed and produced. I was really impressed but like almost everyone else watching around the world, I saw MIA’s middle finger salute to the camera’s. Instantly, I thought to myself, “Oh, that’s not surprising coming from her”. But  it was for everyone else.



Now to be fair, not everyone knows about MIA. For those of you who don’t she came out with a song entitled “Paper Planes” back in 2007 featuring Jay-Z. The song was a runaway hit and everyone wanted to know who this UK girl was. Shortly after her success she got pregnant for one of her band mates and fell off the celebrity grid into mommy obscurity.  She was always bad ass with an attitude that she will say and do just about whatever she pleases despite what society thinks.


The day she went into labour she had a guest spot in a concert to perform. She performed her song, then was immediately rushed off stage into the arms of waiting paramedics who whisked her off to the hospital to deliver her baby. Rebellious much? Yes!

Well, knowing her rebellious nature, it didn’t surprise me at all that she would sneak her middle finger to the camera on her first live debut since having her son. She hasn’t been in the scene in a while and she needs the attention. It doesn’t make it right, but I think those reasons combined are why she did it.

So considering the Superbowl has a spotted past with the nipple revealing Janet Jackson performance and all its efforts to clean up it’s image does this latest stunt surprise you? Do you think it’s a big of a deal as the press is making it out to be? Will MIA suffer negatively for this stunt or could it actually help her?

Let me know in the comments below!


Talk to you all soon 🙂