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Hey everyone

In my last post I promised to talk about my bad day yesterday so here goes.

I woke up yesterday at 11:30 am with a headache and feeling anxious. I felt anxious about money, my mom and my mood. It made no sense to me and I couldn’t understand why I felt anxiety over these things. In my anxiety I forgot to take my multi vitamin, and my vitamin D which is not good. Both help keep me regular in my digestion, moods, and stress levels. A lot of people at the office are sick so I felt confident that I would be fine and avoid getting sick which so far has worked perfectly. Eventually  though, throughout my day I felt stuffy.

Not to mention, I decided to weave my own hair and it took A LOT longer then I envisioned. I watched a bunch of youtube videos to research style, braid pattern and cut then proceeded from there. It took me 3.5 hours. Not to mention my mother tried to pull a fast one over me and get me to drive her to Brampton so she could hang out with her friend at a kids birthday party. Problem was I don’t have kids and I don’t want to hang out at a kids party with a bunch of mothers and older women. No offense but not my kind of party at a 45-minute drive from my house in an city I’m not familiar with.

Then we went on an agreed upon excursion to another borough for what she told me was her quest to volunteer which turned out to be a shopping trip for her to the thrift store. I was so angry because if that’s what she wanted she could’ve told me. Good thing is I got some items for myself and spent $21.00. I’ll take pics and post them soon.

I dropped her home and went to my friends house and watched The Travellers Wife. I took my daily vits today and normally when I’m healthy and not stressed I don’t absorb the extra B-12 in the vitamin. Today I absorbed all of it but I am in a much better and happier mood so I’ll let the vitamin do its job and not worry about it at all.

Now onto Pizza and SuperBowl Sunday!!!!

Talk to you all soon!