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Hey everyone

It has been a bit of a stressful time at work. I learned that I need to speak up more and not hold it all in. I tend to feel guilty about doing things for myself like standing up for myself because I don’t want to be a Bitch but sometimes you have to be. I don’t think speaking for what is right or if something unfair is happening is being a bitch but to me sometimes it feels that way.

I got to shop yesterday for some badly needed work clothes. I was excited to spend that extra money on myself for a change and get some clothes that I needed. It felt good, but then I felt guilty. How crazy is that?? I realized that it was causing me to stress about buying things I need. It wasn’t the things as much as it was parting with money that made me stressed. It wasn’t like I went to an expensive boutique. I shopped at Marshalls for goodness sake.

Do you ever feel guilty for making a purchase for something you know you need but still feel guilty for anyway? Even if that item was on sale at a super low price?

Tell me in the comments section. Why do we do that? why feel guilty for doing something to improve yourself?

Talk to you all later.