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Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great day. My day was a serious one. I was in the mood to get stuff done so not much smiling involved in that because it seemed like for every 5 things done, something else popped up. Kinda like when you go to the fair and you bop those weasels on the head in that game “pop goes the weasel” but for every weasel popped, 3 more pop back up again. So it didn’t inspire much smiling. Well, I came home to AWESOME news (and more than 5 cm’s of snow fall during rush hour- yikes!)!

Thinking positively WORKS! So far, I put my affirmations out there, and they came back to me 3 fold! So I came across this Prosperity Prayer today. I’ve been thinking sharing some positivity affirmations with you wonderful people so when I came across this I was happy that I could start doing that. Please feel free to reblog it or copy and use it as you see fit.

Have an awesome night everyone!

God is my source

And God has no limitations

With God, all things are possible

So I think big

I speak of what is possible

I give generously of time, talent and treasure

I choose a consciousness of prosperity

And I live in continuous flow

of giving and receiving

Each moment holds a gift

One to receive and one to give

I make a conscious decision each day

To celebrate the unlimited possibilities

present in every moment

And So It Is