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Hello everyone.

Have you ever asked yourself how much you love yourself. Can you look yourself in the mirror and say I am beautiful? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say how much you love yourself? Can you even look yourself in the mirror at all? If you can’t then chances are you don’t feel very good about yourself presently.

When I was in grade 4, I was the only minority in my class. I didn’t look like the other girls and I felt very unpretty. One day a clinical psychologist came to our class and started talking to us about love and art. She combined lessons on love with expressions of art. It was genius because we got to play arts and crafts with the underlying theme of finding ways to love ourselves just as we are. She asked the girls to raise their hands if they thought they were pretty and none of us raised our hands. I was shocked. The prettiest girls in the class looked down awkwardly at their hands and looked solemn. I couldn’t believe it. Surely they would know how pretty they were yet there they were sad.  

She looked around for a moment, smiled then gave us an assignment to go home, look in the mirror and find one thing on ourselves that we liked and come back and share it with her the next day. I went home and at first it was hard to look at myself in the mirror because everything I saw seemed unpretty but after a while it became a bit easier to look myself in the eyes. It was then I got my answer. I went to school and we each shared one thing we loved about ourselves. For me I chose my eyes and it has been my favorite part (among others) ever since.

My assignment to you beautiful ladies is to find one thing that you love and tell yourself everyday till you believe it without doubt. Everything about you is beautiful. Your hips, your thighs, your dimples, your eyes, your butt, you hair, your face, your smile. You are perfectly made just the way you are. None of you is by accident. You are not imperfect. If you think you are out of shape, join a gym, or buy a workout DVD and get the body you want. It can be done and it works. If you don’t like your hair, go to the salon and work with the hairdresser to come up with a hair style that flatters your face and style. If your problem is more about how you feel inside there are a lot of great books out there.I know it sounds very general but some of the best advice I have ever gotten came from self-help books at Indigo. Whatever you choose to do take the first steps to loving yourself for who you are.








What is the one physical attribute that you have, that you love? Post it in the comments section below.









Talk to you soon!